About us

How we work?

We are manufacturing company with dedicated gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free facilities. Our strength comes in a fast adaptation of products for special market needs, flexible order quantities, and fast production. 

This includes creating new tastes, amending the taste profile of existing products, adapting product size, form or packaging. The minimum order quantity is 1 mixed pallet.

Order can be shipped worldwide.

Desserts are Premium quality that could be sold for food service or retail customers.

We produce desserts strictly under food safety standart ISO22000.

Have you already introduced future desserts to your clients?

How it all started

Starting as a family-owned company in 2018, Alkepa has moved toward manufacturing natural and clean label desserts designed for people with special eating habits. We were first in Lithuania to introduce desserts that were created by mixing only natural ingredients and using shock freezing technology to preserve the best characteristic of each component used.
Company value is creating joy through natural sweets for people with different eating habits.